Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery (AADS) typifies ‘Doing small things great’ by providing a centre of excellence for foot surgery in Adelaide. We offer patients the convenience and the affordability of having surgical and procedural services performed safely within the hospital setting.

Specialising in

Podiatric Procedures

Recognised as the first ambulatory day surgery in Australia specialising in Podiatric procedures we provide value based health care focusing on value over volume.

We engage

Multi-Skilled Nurses

We engage multi-skilled registered and enrolled nurses, some of whom are also Podiatrists, that are able to work in the operating room as surgical or anaesthetic assistants or in recovery.

Clarity for


AADS’s understanding of private health funds rules and how they impact on Podiatric Surgery provides clarity to patients, of the costs for their day surgery stay.


At Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery, our professionals provide a wide range of services to diagnose and treat a variety of foot conditions. Conditions we help our patients with include conditions such as corns, ingrown toenails, warts, cysts & soft tissue masses, Morton's neuroma, hallux valgus deformity (bunions) and toe deformities such as hammertoe.
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Your Anaesthetic Choices

Anaesthesia for foot & ankle surgery has come a long way, with intravenous sedation (IV) and inhalational sedation providing significant safety benefits over general anaesthesia.

Anaesethesia for your foot surgery involves one or a combination of the following to ensure you are sleepy and very relaxed during surgery:

  • 1
    IV Sedation

    IV sedation is safe as it is controlled and produces a deeper level of anaesthesia, providing a comfortable experience with minimal level of memory afterwards.

  • 2
    Penthrox Inhalation

    Patients with mild anxiety benefit from the use of Penthrox, as it is easy to use, nonthreatening and you are in control of the device in your hand.

  • 3
    Regional, nerve or ankle block

    Numbs the foot and prevents pain during and after the surgery and can be performed with or without IV sedation or the use of the Penthrox inhaler

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Our Specialists

The Visiting Medical Officers who operate at Adelaide Ambulatory day Surgery are highly experienced, accredited Podiatric Surgeon’s.
Angelo Salerno
Podiatric Surgeon/CEO of AADS

Angelo is a Podiatric surgeon specialising in reconstructive and elective surgery of the foot.

Andrew Van Essen
Podiatric Surgeon

Andrew is an experienced, skilled podiatric surgeon who’s attention to detail are assets he will utilize in managing your foot problems.

Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery is a member of

East Adelaide Medical Centre

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