Privacy Statement

Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery is committed to providing quality health care to patients. Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery staff regards patient health information as confidential and only collect health information with patient’s consent.  A patient’s personal health information is handled as per the Australian Privacy Principles. These principles set the standards by which we handle personal information collected from our patients. A copy of these Principles is available upon request.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Your Information

Information about a patient’s medical and family history is needed to provide accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.  This information is generally collected from the patient, their family or guardian; however, sometimes we may receive patient information from other sources.  Information received from other sources will, wherever possible, be reported to the patient.

Comprehensive medical care requires full knowledge of patient health information by all health professionals involved in patient treatment.  To ensure quality and continuity of patient care, health information may be shared with other health professionals as is considered appropriate.  It is the usual practice of specialists at Sunshine Private Day Surgery to communicate with your referring doctor in writing after your consultation and, or, treatment.

Some information about patients is also provided to Medicare and private health funds if relevant, for billing and medical rebate purposes.  There are some circumstances where Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery is legally bound to disclose personal information, for example the mandatory reporting of some infectious diseases.  It is also necessary for Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery to retain and store patients’ information for as is long as required by law.

Access and Security to Your Information

A patient has the right to access their information.  They may ask to view the information or request a copy of their medical record.  While not required to give reasons for their request, a patient may be asked to clarify the scope of the request.  There are some circumstances in which access may be denied, and in such an event, the patient will be advised of the reason.

Upon request, a patient’s health information will be made available to another health practitioner. A charge will be payable for costs incurred in providing access.  Should a patient find the information held by Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery to be incomplete or inaccurate, a patient may have the information amended accordingly.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that all information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete and stored in a secure environment accessed only by authorized persons.

The rights of children to privacy of their health information, based on the professional judgment of the Chief Executive Officer at Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery and consistent with the law, might at times restrict access to this information by parents or guardians.

Ordinarily we will not release the contents of your medical file without your consent. However, we advise that there may be occasions where we will be required to release the details of your file for licensing or accreditation requirements or where the law requires disclosure, such as pursuant to a subpoena.

Your electronic records are accessible only by staff of Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery and are protected by a security password. Your paper records are kept in secure filing cabinets and accessible only by Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery staff.

Should you, at any time have a query or complaint in relation to the privacy policies in place at Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery Chief Operating Officer via email or by phone 08 8227 1883

Supporting documents

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  • Mission Statement and Overview
  • Child Safety policy
  • Code of Conduct policy
  • Record Management policy
  • Notifiable breach policy
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