The right patient having the right procedure in the right facility with the right anaesthetic going home to the right environment


Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery (AADS) typifies ‘Doing small things great’ by providing a centre of excellence for foot surgery in Adelaide. We offer patients the convenience and the affordability of having surgical and procedural services performed safely within the hospital setting.

Ambulatory day surgery specialising in Podiatric procedures

Recognised as the first ambulatory day surgery in Australia specialising in Podiatric procedures we provide value based health care focusing on value over volume. Processes and structures are optimally coordinated for elective foot surgery to provide a fit for purpose surgical facility that is independently accredited against the new National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards edition 2 and licensed by SA Health.

We engage multi-skilled nurses

We engage multi-skilled registered and enrolled nurses, some of whom are also Podiatrists, that are able to work in the operating room as surgical or anaesthetic assistants or in recovery. Our aim is to allow variety in their work and with the Podiatrists there is a genuine interest in this surgical speciality.

The aesthetic choices available at AADS include:

  • Regional & local anaesthetics
  • Inhalational sedation (Penthrox)
  • Intravenous sedation (specialist anaesthetist)

The surgery performed at AADS is elective surgery of the forefoot with the most common conditions performed being ingrown toenails, soft tissue and bone procedures for corns affecting the toes, removal of soft tissue masses and skin lesions, hammertoe and claw toe deformities, removal of Mortons neuroma and bunion deformity.

Clarity For Patients

AADS's understanding of private health funds rules and how they impact on Podiatric Surgery has been instrumental in informing and providing clarity to patients, of the costs for their day surgery stay. We are able to provide full disclosure of the out of pocket expenses and detailed informed financial consent.


Angelo Salerno: Chief Executive Officer and Podiatric Surgeon

Georgie Salerno: Chief Operating Officer

Courtney Maddocks: Registered Nurse and Practice Manager

Caroline Evans: Registered Nurse

Stephanie Jeong: Enrolled Nurse and Podiatrist

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